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Dominic Buscemi/Buschier
Born: in Menfi, Agrigento Province, Sicily
Died: 1592 (approx) in London, England
Parents: (Unknown)
Relationships: (*)Genevieve Jane (Clerke) Buschier
Children: Mary (Buschier) Basse
Ethnicity: Italian
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Notes: Born in Sicily, moved to Italy, then France, then England.
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Dominic Buscemi/Buschier
b: in Menfi, Agrigento Province, Sicily
d: 1592 (approx) in London, England
Genevieve Jane (Clerke) Buschier
b: 1540 (approx) in Roanne, Normandy, France
d: 3/3/1620 (approx) in Bishopstone, Wiltshire County, England
Mary (Buschier) Basse
b: 1568 (approx) in Roanne, Loire, France
Living in Bishopsgate, London, England